KEY POINTS BRAND NEW TO THE MARKET OVER TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING Stronger Than Tag#45 Longer Lasting Than Tag#45 Almost Instant Numb Classed As 'Deep Numbing' Designed To Be...


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  • Stronger Than Tag#45
  • Longer Lasting Than Tag#45
  • Almost Instant Numb
  • Classed As 'Deep Numbing'
  • Designed To Be Used On Broken Skin
  • Ideal For All Aesthetics Procedures
  • Ultra Strong 40% Numb
  • Completely Numb, Your Client Won't Feel A Thing!
  • 15ml Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel 40%

If you’re planning a cosmetic procedure such as a tattoo, microblading, or semi-permanent makeup application, the pain you’re likely to experience has probably crossed your mind at some point. Although body modification procedures are becoming increasingly popular with a wider cross-section of society, there are still many people who love the idea of getting inked or pierced but who are deterred by the idea of being in pain throughout their session. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way! In fact, you can enjoy all of the benefits of having an aesthetic skin procedure without any of the discomfort when you use a numbing gel. Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel is an ideal solution, helping to make your next procedure pain-free with minimal effort on your behalf.

What Is Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel?

Unlike many other numbing products that are designed to be used on the skin prior to your tattoo or other skin procedure appointment, Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel is designed for use once the skin has been broken. This saves you a lot of time and effort as you can simply rock up to your appointment without any need to plan in advance or prepare your skin for your pain-free session.

How Does Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel Work?

Many of the tattoo numbing cream products on the market must be applied to the skin at least an hour before you head off to your appointment. This is time-consuming, and if you’re rushing off to an appointment straight after work, it can be a little inconvenient. Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel eliminates this problem by being designed for application to the skin mid-procedure. As soon as the skin has been broken during your tattoo, microblading, or other skin procedure session, the gel can be quickly applied. It will start to work virtually instantly, so your skin will be desensitised quite rapidly. The procedure can then continue as normal, but you won’t experience any of the unwanted pain or discomfort for the rest of the session.

What Are The Active Ingredients In Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel?

Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel 40% strength contains reliable and reputable active ingredients that are known for their impressive skin numbing properties. Lido and ephra are two well-known ingredients that are regularly used by medical professionals in their offices when treating patients, so you can be confident that when you apply this gel to your skin mid-procedure, you’ll be applying a product that contains ingredients that have been approved for use by healthcare practitioners.

Lido is a local anaesthetic that works by stopping the nerves in the skin from sending pain signals to the brain. Meanwhile, ephra acts to constrict the blood vessels in the skin, thus reducing pain and swelling. With a 40% numbing strength, this gel is impressively powerful and can ensure you have a comfortable appointment without any unwanted suffering.

Why Choose Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel 40%?

If you’re looking for a high-quality secondary local anaesthetic that should be applied mid-procedure to your skin so that you can enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant tattooing, microblading, or semi-permanent makeup application session, you need look no further than Embo Aesthetics Numbing Gel 40% strength. Made by a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer, it uses only proven and trusted active ingredients to desensitise the skin, while its high-strength formula ensures extremely effective numbing and protection from pain and discomfort.

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