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AccessoriesPigment Caps/Rings

Bag of 50 Embo Pro Pigment cap Finger Rings Ink Holder

The Embo-Pro pigment ring holders serve as a convenient and easily accessible storage solution for pigments during PMU procedures.

Sharps Waste Bin (0.6L)

Every SPMU Artist must use a 'sharps' container to dispose of used needles/blades. This one is a handy size for daily use and complies with all necessary regulations.
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Box of 10 Pencil Razors

Pencil sharpening razors for sharpening your eyebrow pencils to create an extra fine edge for plotting and drawing brow shapes and details, and to draw out markings during the brow...

Pack of 10 Eyebrow Razors

Embo Pro's Eyebrow Razors have been designed to fit around the brow contour for easy shaping of your client's brow hairs when preparing them for PMU treatments. Our eyebrow razors also...
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Pack of 50 Spoolie Brushes

Crafted for precision, our single-use spoolies tame unruly eyebrow hairs and seamlessly blend applied makeup, ensuring a flawless and controlled look for your clients. Additionally, great for PMU procedures when...

Pack of 100 Micropore Brushes

Embo Pro's Micropore brushes are ideal for isolating specific eyebrow hairs without touching or disturbing those on the rest of the brow. Our micropore brushes can be used on brows...
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Face Mask Brush

Embo Pros face mask brush is your key to a luxurious and mess-free application. Crafted with precision, its soft bristles ensure a smooth and even layer of your favourite masks.

Eyebrow Caliper Measuring Tool

These capliers ensure symmetrical shaping, helping you create flawless brows with ease.
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All Semi-Permanent MakeUp (SPMU) procedures should have an accurate consultation form, signed by you and the client, to keep on file and these NCR pads do just that.  Each pad leaves...

Digital Calipers

This Digital Caliper is a high-quality tool used for eyebrow mapping and shaping, to create a balanced and even pre-draw for your clients. This tool will allow you to create...

Surgical Skin Marker & Ruler

Used for marking and outlining in SPMU procedures Permanent Marker Sealed sterile surgical marker Disposable intended for single use Includes a ruler and a pen